Rolling Past Downriver Doll Stars

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Fort Wayne improves to 3-1 on season

By Caitlin Crowley, For The News-Sentinel
Sunday, March 26, 2017

Coming off a major road win last week at Cincinnati, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls came home to play the Downriver Doll Stars from Woodhaven, Mich. at Memorial Coliseum on Saturday night. Ranked No. 101 in the world in the latest rankings, the Fort Wayne Bomb Squad improved to 3-1 with a 292-105 win
Downriver took the lead but Fort Wayne caught up within the first 5 minutes. The score stayed relatively tight but the Derby Girls slowly increased their lead. Ashley Fish brought the score to 40-15 in a five-point Jam.

In a huge point increase, Downriver raised their score by 17 points in a single play to bring the score to 46-32 during Jam 8, but this close score did not last for long. Fort Wayne doubled their lead over Downriver in the next play, bringing the score to 66-32. There were big hits from both sides. Maddi Yoder took out several Downriver skaters allowing Fort Wayne to take lead Jammer. Strong defensive lines managed to hold back offensive skaters for half- to three-quarters of the track. Woodhaven held Tracie McBride back until Turn 3 and scored four points before calling off the play in Jam 12.

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