Join Roller Derby

1) It’s a TON OF FUN! Who would ever think that slamming into each other at high speeds could bring so much JOY!

2) Make new FRIENDS! Everyone the team becomes one big FAMILY. Opponents become friends instantly once you share the track.

3) LEARN new Skills. There is always something to challenge you at any skating ability. Even if you don’t know how to skate the team will teach you.

4) All body types are WELCOME. No matter your shape or size, you are needed on the team. Each body is a piece to the puzzle and sharing the track together makes one beautiful picture!

5) INCLUSIVE – All ages, all genders, all skating abilities are welcome here! Whether you are skating or not, you are invited to join the team. There are many non skating positions that are just as important as being on the track.

6) EMPOWERING – Set goals and SMASH them! The team will celebrate every milestone with you. Everyone is STRONG in their own way!

7) It’s a great WORK OUT – You’re getting in shape while having fun!

Stop in at a practice and check things out!!!