Wear Our Merch

Grab some goods to show your support from our merch table at any home game. You can also place an order online for direct shipping to your front door via FWDG Threadless Merch.

Good Search

Do you really want to support us, but find yourself digging at lint in your pockets? It’s okay, we know the feeling! There IS a way that you can financially support us, and it’s completely FREE to you! Visit www.goodsearch.com/, sign in via Facebook or email, and choose “Fort Wayne Derby Girls” as the cause.

Where will these funds go? Well, our athletes and support staff are ALL volunteers. Volunteers with families and full time jobs. Donations and sponsorships allow us to help with operating costs and travel funds. What does this mean for YOU, our beloved supporters? When we worry less about money, we’re able to train harder with better resources to bring you a higher level of competitive sport. It also means we can donate more money to local charities! So help us out, click the link, and search everything and anything! Every little bit helps!