Who: Anyone who wants to learn! No skating experience is necessary. You don’t need to sign up ahead of time – walk-ins welcome! You must also meet the following:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have current health insurance
  • Supply own gear (see the list below .. we have a limited supply of pads that can be borrowed on a first-come, first-served basis)

What: An eight-week roller derby training camp to learn and practice basic skating skills that are necessary for roller derby, including skating, stopping, blocking, falling, and jamming.  We’ll also cover skate maintenance, equipment, how the league functions, and the rules of roller derby.

When: Sundays (7-10pm) May 15 through July 3!

Where: Bell’s Roller Rink in New Haven, 7009 IN-930, New Haven, IN 46774

Cost: First session free, then one-time fee of $100 per person


In order to participate, training camp attendees will need all of the equipment listed below. Skates may be borrowed from Bell’s at no charge to the skaters, but we encourage bringing your own.

What type of gear do I need for training camp?

  • 4-Wheel Roller Skates with Toe Stops (can be borrowed from Bell’s)
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Wrist Guards
  • Mouth Guard
  • Helmet (bike helmets are ok for Boot Camp)


What happens at the end of training camp?
Each skater will be evaluated on their skills and overall improvement. Skaters who show an interest and dedication to becoming a Fort Wayne Derby Girl will be invited to join our league. Skaters do not need to attend training camp in order to join the league.


Do I have to be a seasoned skater to join?

Our training camp participants show up on the first day with a wide range of skills. Some have been skating their whole life, while others have never stepped foot on a rink. While previous skating experience is beneficial, it’s not necessary. We will teach you all of the basic skills you need to skate and become a derby girl.


What type of commitment is involved if I want to join the team?
Practices – We typically practice 2-3 times per week, totaling 7 hours of rink time. Skaters are expected to meet specific attendance requirements before they will be allowed to skate in a bout.

Bouts – Beginning in January, we have 1-2 bouts per month through May or June. Non-rostered skaters are expected to attend each home bout and volunteer in some capacity.

Fundraising – It takes tens of thousands of dollars to run our league for one year. In order to keep monthly dues as low as possible, and continue to provide financial support to local charities, all league members must participate in our fundraising efforts.

League Business – We are a non-profit run by skaters and volunteers. All league members are responsible for volunteering for one of our many committees that keep the league running smoothly. This includes marketing, sponsorships, fundraising, bout production, and many more!


How can I get ready now?
Start Skating – There are a lot of rinks in the area such as Bell’s Skating Rink, and Roller Dome North and South. You can check online for times and locations for open skate. If the weather is nice, you can also practice outside on any of the local trails or even in your own neighborhood.

Get in Shape – Being a derby girl is a serious athletic commitment. If you start eating healthy, drinking lots of water, and exercising regularly now, you’ll be ahead of the game when boot camp rolls around.

Get to Know Our League – Come to one of our bouts so you can get a better understanding of the game. While you’re there, make sure you flag one of us down and introduce yourself! If you want to get involved, we’d love to have you as a volunteer at one of our bouts. We have a place for everyone! Interested volunteers can get in touch with us via our contact page.


How are the teams decided?
We currently have two teams that play regularly: the SWAT Team and the Bomb Squad. Our Bomb Squad is comprised of our best players, and is ranked nationally. The coaching staff selects a 14-person roster for each team approximately 2 weeks before each bout. Some skaters may skate for more than one team, and it’s not uncommon for skaters to move from one team to the other mid-season.


If I have more questions, who do I ask?
You can visit our Contact Us page for any additional questions you may have.


Top 5 Reasons to Join the Fort Wayne Derby Girls

1. Roller derby is fast, fun, action-packed, and did we say FUN? Yes, there are hard hits but remember – you get to hit back. It is an exciting, steadily growing sport that is great to watch, and even better to play.

2. The Fort Wayne Derby Girls are a league of strong, diverse, and brilliant women. These girls are your teammates and friends, and once you are in the league, it really does feel like you are part of a big family. You will meet incredible moms, executives, teachers, artists, business owners, students, and more, from all walks of life with diverse beliefs and backgrounds. We don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind.

3. It’s a major workout! Practices are intense. Fun, but intense. You’ll get a really good workout and start to find muscles you never even knew existed. If you are looking to get in shape, roller derby may just be the thing for you.

4. The Fort Wayne Derby Girls encourage community involvement from all socio-economic groups in Fort Wayne and its surrounding communities. Since May 2006, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls have successfully raised over $75,000 for local Women’s and Children’s Charities. We are most proud of the work we have done with our Bust-A-Move event. Together with the Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, the Bust-A Moves event raises funds for services and supplies for women with breast cancer in Fort Wayne. To date, The Fort Wayne Derby Girls, through the Bust-A-Move event, have raised over $35,000 for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

5. It’s a sport for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages! We have women of all shapes and sizes on the team and every single one of them have skills to bring to a bout that are essential to the game. From our speedy jammers (some tall, some short), to our steady blockers (some small, some big), we have a diverse range of body types. Roller derby is about using your assets within your team. We also have skaters who are in their late teens, along with skaters who are in their 40s and 50s. We have skaters who started skating at 4, and those who started skating when they joined the league at 40.

The extraordinary people that I have met and the friendships that the league has brought into my life are priceless. I could fill pages with what I have learned from FWDG, and none of it would be about the sport itself. This living, breathing entity is a force that has taught me so many life altering lessons it would be impossible to be who I am today without the experiences I have had through FWDG. Courage, humility, humor and integrity are but a few of the traits that FWDG has helped allow me to build upon.  – Minx