Top Reasons to Join

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1. Roller derby is fast, fun, action-packed, and did we say FUN? Yes, there are hard hits but remember – you get to hit back. It is an exciting, steadily growing sport that is great to watch, and even better to play.

2. The Fort Wayne Derby Girls are a league of strong, diverse, and brilliant women. These girls are your teammates and friends, and once you are in the league, it really does feel like you are part of a big family. You will meet incredible moms, executives, teachers, artists, business owners, students, and more, from all walks of life with diverse beliefs and backgrounds. We don’t tolerate discrimination of any kind.

3. It’s a major workout! Practices are intense. Fun, but intense. You’ll get a really good workout and start to find muscles you never even knew existed. If you are looking to get in shape, roller derby may just be the thing for you.

4. The Fort Wayne Derby Girls encourages community involvement from all socio-economic groups in Fort Wayne and its surrounding communities. Since May 2006, the Fort Wayne Derby Girls have successfully raised over $75,000 for local Women’s and Children’s Charities. We are most proud of the work we have done with our Bust-A-Move event. Together with the Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana, the Bust-A-Moves event raises funds for services and supplies for women with breast cancer in Fort Wayne. To date, The Fort Wayne Derby Girls, through the Bust-A-Move event, have raised over $35,000 for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

5. It’s a sport for women of all shapes, sizes and ages! We have women of all shapes and sizes on the team and every single one of them have skills to bring to a bout that are essential to the game. From our speedy jammers (some tall, some short), to our steady blockers (some small, some big), we have a diverse range of body-types. Roller derby is about using your assets (booty blocking is very effective with a great ass-et) within your team. We also have skaters who are 18, and skaters who are 51. We have skaters who started skating at 4, and those who started skating when they joined the league at 40.

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