FWDG vs Killamazoo

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Updated 1/25: The Fort Wayne Bomb Squad pulled out a hard-fought win, 203-175 over the Killamazoo Killstars. After a commanding 125-31 lead at the half, the Killstars came out with a mission for the second half. Killamazoo closed the gap to less than 20 points and things were looking tight until the final jam, when Majestic got lead and called it off with no time left on the clock.  Fort Wayne were the underdogs by official WFTDA rankings, so the win will help them continue to climb in national standings.

The SWAT team played hard against a talented Killamazoo B-Team.  The bout featured the debut of four new skaters, with a final score of 330 to 94 in favor to the Killa Crew.


TONIGHT! The first bout of the 2015 season gets underway as the Fort Wayne Derby Girls travel to Kalamazoo, Michigan to take on the Killamazoo Derby Darlins.  The SWAT Team starts first at 5:30 against Killa Crew.  Bomb Squad takes on the Killstars around 7.

It’s less than a two-hour drive from Fort Wayne – so come out and cheer or check Facebook, Twitter, or back here for updates on the score!